Happy September!

I've recently started working on a new painting. It's a 10x12 and already a challenging piece because it is a close-up of the crystal clear water in one of my favorite lakes in the Shasta area. I've never attempted to paint clear water, the colors are difficult to distinguish. I took a photo there last month (photo above) that I'm using for reference and I'm both excited and intimidated by this new endeavor. It's a rather abstract image as water distorts the lake-bottom stones and also reflects the swirling surroundings on the moving surface, with spots of sunlight also reflecting.

 Sometimes paintings flow smoothly and other times they're tedious and challenging. This one has me procrastinating but with persistent attempts I'll get it rolling. I'll be taking a few weeks off to spend time at our cabin up in McCloud later this month with my husband. We'll be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary, hiking, milling lumber for our guest cabin, and splitting/stacking firewood before winter.  I love September in the mountains, the air smells of cedar and pine, the lighting has a rich golden glow, and the nights are crisp. Our cabin is off-grid and there's a stillness that is conducive to creativity. I look forward to updating you as this new painting takes form. I'm planning to take lots of time for painting in the peaceful solitude of our mountain cabin.

With love,